Thursday, May 31, 2012

Love and Support

I am a big believer in pushing myself to be the best when I start something.  I giver 100% in every endeavor but  getting my body 5lbs healthier this last week has been a real challenge. I feel like I'm not even giving 10% let alone 100.  So after losing my mind over Memorial Weekend and eating totally for target. I came home to watch some of my favorite You Tubers and found an AWESOME sister who motivated me back into the exercise loop.  Her channel is called Concede Nothing. She was talking about getting back to the gym after missing a few days. (LIKE ME).  She led me to another channel and blog by  (same name on YouTuber). She went down from 341lbs a little at a time and lost approx. 160+lbs. Amazing!  

These two ladies really inspired me.  I was feeling like the giant pink elephant in the room for awhile. Going to classes where I'm the odd man out I really was letting negative thoughts creep in:  that nobody understood and I'm the ONLY one my size and everyone is zipping by  me. 
See this two ladies helped snap me back to reality. I'm not the 1st person to try and lose weight. I wont be the last. I just have to remain focused on my goals. 
One very silly goal I would love to share is that I want to wear knee boots next winter.  
I know silly right. I've never worn proper all leather zip up knee boots because my calf us so large and I want a pair this winter.  When I make it will be sure to take some pictures. 


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