Sunday, May 27, 2012

Holiday Curse

I do know what you do for the holidays but the holidays for me and my family is generally about two things:
1-Being with my family and friends

After catching up with my family and friends we tuck into some of the best food you have ever seen or eaten.  Since I'm so far from my parents and siblings I spend most quick holidays (a day off work or two) with my 
in-laws.  I love my in-laws they are the best and they BOTH can cook.  My father in law makes these cheese biscuits that I can literally eat an entire pan of.  My mother in law can cook anything. They lady could turn leather into some crave worthy.  So its Memorial Weekend and I've already haven't step foot into the gym since Thursday.  I had fried chicken and fries on Friday after work, followed by salad on Saturday( a decent day), followed by meat lovers pizza on Sunday, God only knows what my mother in law has cooking up for Monday!!!!  

So here's the dilemma:

  1. Do I get up Monday and make my swim class (YES, Okay, maybe).
  2. Avoid everything with gravy, grease, and fatty meat on Monday (Not going to happen)
  3. Make it to the gym for at least 1hr. to make it up for the totally AWESOME meal I plan to consume on Monday.(YES, Totally doable
How do you manage the holidays?
Ribs or Manna from Heaven?
Cheese Biscuits fit for Queens

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