Monday, May 14, 2012


Ive adopted a nutritionist advised meal plan.  Its a shock to the system to put it mildly.

I planned to start the meal plan today which gave me a pass to eat what I pleased for Mother's Day. I still ate pretty healthy although I wanted the killer buffet at Pappadeaux's the line was way to long so I had a reasonable meal that consisted of a turkey sandwich and baked chips (DON'T ASK).

The only part of the meal plan I was not so happy about was the CREAM OF RICE! No, I didn't mean Cream of Wheat. I meant CREAM OF RICE! Who has ever heard of that? I thought I was reading the paper wrong. I was told it wad easy to find. but its not. So with visions of 2nd grade rice pudding in my head we went shopping. 2hours into the shopping experience and 2melt downs later( 1-mine  and 1-from the kids) Still no Cream of Rice.  I settled on the other breakfast option of good old Bran Flakes.

The one think I could not find after extensive Google searches and checking with four stores  I gave up.
(i know it exist)

Needless to say its mid-morning and I am still alive. I stomach hasn't eaten a whole in my back hunting for food. We will see how I feel after Kickboxing tonight...

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