Tuesday, May 22, 2012

There is No Crying in Aerobics

Tom Hanks said "There is not crying in baseball" in one of my favorite movies. A League of Their Own" I'm sure if my morning aerobics instructor had seen me shed tears after a class she would have said the same thing. "Nkenge, There is not crying in aerobics"

I take a aqua aerobics class 3 times a week. My instructor is a 5ft tall, 40-50ish, Asian lady named Mona.

I knees are going south due to my weight and I was told that this class would be a good workout without all the impact to my knees. My 1st thought was my hair. Girls of African decent and our hair do not mix well with water.  I wanted to go ahead and give it shot so I went to my 1st class. 
Mona, scanned me up and down with narrow eyes and said "what is your name" Worse mistake ever. For the next 50mins I heard my name repeatedly. Straighten your leg, more power, faster, more, less this way that way...
Needless to say I hung in there for that class and a month more.
One class at the end o the month really broke me down and hurt my spirit.
Moaning Mona made me feel like I was the most uncoordinated person in the world. I was so frustrated and couldn't do anything right.

That day I took my shower after class and let a few tears fall for the last time. I told myself I would never let anyone make me eel bad about myself again. I was doing what I thought was correct and pushing to my personal limit. There's really nothing else any of us can do. I've keep up my classes and have found some really fun ones to replace that morning class. I will go back eventually. But when I do I will be quicker to speak my peace and get the little lady off my back.


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