Sunday, September 16, 2012

Eat What You Like....Hanging with Friends

I am still feeling good and on the workout wagon.  I had a great friend come into town and we had a wonderful weekend. We ain't and drank and lived it up all night.
I ate so much I normally wouldn't but its OK.

I don't feel guilty

I don't regret it

I do plan to do it again


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back In the Swing of Thing...

Ive took about 5weeks off from my daily gym routine.  It started out as laziness and ended up being mandatory. I had an operation that prevented me from going to the gym for 4weeks.  My rest period is over and its time to get back into my routine.

I have for the last 3 days been back to my normal two a day workout. I'm so happy to report.  I have dearly missed going to the gym.  I missed the feeling of accomplishment, seeing the regular instructors, and even the sweat.  It felt so good to let the toxins out my body through good old fashion sweat. 

I also weighted in on Sunday and my CURRENT WEIGHT IS: 250.1lbs...
I'm pretty happy that I didn't gain and I continued my slow but steady decline in my weight! Like the tortoise I guess slow and stead will win the weight loss race in the end.

Have a good Week and Enjoy your workout!