Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Journey Begins...

         Growing up I was an active kid. I didn't start out chunky,plumb,thick,etc. I play sports, played outside, and wasn't allowed to consume heaping portions of junk! Somewhere along the way I left home moved to Houston and gains ANOTHER PERSON ON MY BACKSIDE.
         Now, I'm in for a fight to get my life and health back. 

On my oldest daughters 4th Birthday I weighted 271 lbs. I know right, I almost passed out when I saw that myself.  That number coupled what was becoming chronic pain in my knee, back, and feet prompted me to reevaluate some things like:

1. I am not thick,plumb,chunky. I'm obese and it is not OK.

2. I can conquer it(my weight)

3. My eating habits aren't the best (NOT THE WORST BUT NOT THE BEST)

4. My inactivity is going to kill me.

After the party for my daughter I we and enrolled in a gym to check #4 off that list. Since that day (April10,2012) I've been in the gym at least 5x's a week.

I started tracking every bite I consume and am actually reading all my food labels. Once check for #3. Its still on the list I've got a lot more work to do yet. I use  and the phone app to keep track but there are plenty of other online food tracker type programs that are FREE!!

I plan to check my weight on the 10th of each month and get down at least 3dress sizes before my daughter turns 5 next April 10th.

This 1st month has been tough but I've learned a lot in such a short time and have already met some great people. I plan to share most if not all of my journey here in my online thoughts journal. Please stop by and read often.

This is the 1st steps to getting Healthy Back...


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