Monday, June 4, 2012

Traveling on Healthy

I am on the last day of a family trip. My niece graduated from High School and is heading to nursing school.  I knew traveling with my family would be hard on a diet but I didn't know it was be so difficult.  I didn't exercise. But I did dance like nobody was watching.  I didn't eat on program but I did feed my soul.  I didn't get much rest but my spirit was refreshed by my family and friends. I had a few good healthy cries at seeing my baby walk across the stage and metaphorically become and adult.  In short I had a great time.  I will be back to my routine on Tuesday. Oh, and all my family noticed my lifestyle changes and commented on me losing weight. It felt GREAT!
I learned this weekend to not be so rigid with my plan. To relax and be flexible with myself and my goals.
Congrats to All the 2012Grads I proud of you and those who supported you where ever you are.
Me the Hubby and Kids with  The Grad!!!


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