Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Classes, Classes, and More Classes!

This week I managed to make it to the gym so far 2x a day. I'm trying my best to keep up that pace for the next two weeks.  I have learned that I get better calorie burn from group classes. This is fine with me. You work those forgotten muscles and get pain(in a good way) in news spots.
I tried a new class tonight. Body Pump.  I have passed this class a few times on my way to kickboxing.

They always seem so serious. The class requires you to pull out lots of equipment see:

 I was slightly overwhelmed when I came in. Luckily, folks at the Y are friendly and helped me get it straight. I will say I liked the class. Its a good strength workout.  Also, it got my heart pumping.  Its good for all fitness levels like it says.   I recommend switching up your routine every now and again. Had it not rained I would have been in my usual water exercise class. The rained forced me to try something new. I liked it and will be back again.  It felt good to hang in with people who have been doing the class. Slowly, very slowly I'm getting into better shape.


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