Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Little Black Bag..Small Rewards

I think that I have been making great progress with my works and decided to reward myself with a little treat.  No, don't worry it wasn't a sweet treat in the traditional sense.  I treated myself to a new bag and some accessories.
I joined the sight called Little Black Bag.
Basically its a subscription service were you pick 1 bag from a list of designer goodies. Then they give you two more items for your bag.  After you accept and open the bag all the fun happens. Other people with open bags will begin to trade with you or offer trades for the things you have. It happens immediately. So, don't worry if you don't like the other two items in your bag(I often get earrings but don't wear them) you can offer trades or accept trades with the other girls.  You get roughly a week to swap until your hearts content. Then the bag is shipped in a BIG black box.

So I have gotten 2bags and loved them. Right now I have an open bag containing 3items worth an estimated $133 but I'm paying the regular service fee of $55.  It includes
what i actually selected  1st
Traded for this. BEST TRADE EVER.
I also have a long picture frame that people are clamoring for but not offering anything trade worthy.

If you want to check it out here is my personal referal link:
or go to LittleBlackBag.Com <--------Click Here..

So how do you reward yourself for sticking to the plan?


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